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I’m Pregnant in College—It is Difficult (Resources for Coping)

Help Is HereThis article will provide you with information about useful support systems, resources, and laws to help pregnant students and students with children.Being overwhelmed can be managed by getting accurate information, useful practical resources, predictable financial support, and close emotional support.Your Story & Your PeersIt’s real, being pregnant in school, or a full-time parent [...]

Pregnancy Help – In College and I’m Pregnant!

What do I do now? You look down at the plastic pregnancy test stick in your hand, and the plus sign in the window. Emotions…Confusion...Questions. Images of different people in your life may flood your head. Some of your questions may include these, and others: What are my options? What do other pregnant women [...]

In College and Wondering “Am I Pregnant”?

Your Situation You’re a student in college in the thick of school work. Your period is supposed to start but it hasn’t and you’re exhausted. It’s clear that you’re stressed and you know that stress can mess with your cycle but you’re usually on time. Everything seems like a blur. Between college tests, assignments, [...]

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