Stay calm. She may be the one who is pregnant but you are both a part of this.

First things first. She needs to confirm she is really pregnant and that the pregnancy is viable. About 25% of early pregnancies end in miscarriage. Before going any further, find out for sure if this is a viable pregnancy. We can help.

Help at CAPS is free and confidential. Your CAPS counselor will give you the resources and information you need to help both of you through next steps in this process.

Our services include you. Making an appointment at CAPS gives you the chance to work through the questions you have with helpful information from a counselor. Find support as you consider how to handle this situation.


Listen. This situation is difficult for both of you – you have some things to figure out. Don’t rush or pressure. Listen to how she is feeling and keep the lines of communication open between the two of you.
Talk about it. Talk to her about how you are feeling and what you think. Talk to others that you trust. Seek good advice. Be honest.
Get all the facts. Gather all of the information you can so that you can make your best choice. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about every choice with its pros and cons. Make an informed decision together that is safe for her.


Bail. Running away will not make this situation easier for either of you.
Pressure her. You may have different opinions about the path that you should take. It may not be easy, but your goal should be to work together to come to the best decision for everyone.

Contact us to get help. All pregnancy services are free and we provide low to no cost STI/STD testing. All of our services are confidential. Your privacy matters.