We are a pregnancy care clinic for women and men providing early pregnancy medical help, a variety of pregnancy options education and resources (abortion options, parenting options, adoption options), peer consultations for those facing unexpected pregnancies, sexual health education, and post abortion support.

All pregnancy services are FREE and we provide low to no cost STI/STD testing. All our services to you are private – your privacy is important to us.

Making an appointment helps us insure there will be someone available to serve you and that you will not have to wait for care. We have convenient locations in the SDSU College Area, Pacific Beach, Downtown San Diego, Kearny Mesa, and La Jolla.


CAPS is a Medical Clinic licensed in the state of California since 2004.

We are HIPAA compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) – following federal rules for health care providers and health insurance companies about who can look at and receive health information.


Our team includes a group of multi-cultural, multi-generational, supportive, and knowledgeable professionals.

Friendly and supportive licensed medical staff and pregnancy consultants are available during all open clinic hours at all CAPS clinics. Many of our staff have been just where you are and we listen with compassion, not judgment.


  • Doctor – licensed medical doctor
  • Nurse Practitioner – licensed medical practitioner
  • Nurse Sonographer – registered nurse trained and certified in ultrasound
  • Patient Care Specialist – non-medical trained staff who have contact with patients
  • Social Worker – staff with Master of Social Work (MSW) degree who provide support consulting to patients
  • Reproductive Grief Consultant or Chaplain – Volunteer who helps patients process grief or questions arising from any type of reproductive loss


Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.Status as an accredited organization means CAPS has met nationally recognized standards for the provision of quality health care set by AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care). More than 5,000 ambulatory health care organizations across the United States are accredited by AAAHC. Not all ambulatory health care organizations seek accreditation; not all that undergo the rigorous on-site survey process are granted accreditation.

CAPS believes our patients deserve the best. When you see our certificate of accreditation, you will know that AAAHC, an independent, not-for-profit organization, has closely examined our facility and procedures. It means we as an organization care enough about our patients to strive for the highest level of care possible.

Ambulatory health care organizations seeking accreditation by AAAHC undergo an extensive self-assessment and on-site survey by AAAHC expert surveyors – physicians, nurses, and administrators who are actively involved in ambulatory health care. The survey is consultative and educational, presenting best practices to help an organization improve its care and services.


Clients are served without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability or other arbitrary circumstances.

Clients are treated with kindness, compassion and in a caring manner.

Clients always receive honest and open answers.

Client information is held in strict and absolute confidence according to HIPAA guidelines.

Clients receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyle issues, and related concerns.

We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but we are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risksabortion options (types of abortions), abortion alternatives, and post abortion support. While providing you with this information, we also address a range of questions you may have like, “what are abortion pros and cons?” and “what are abortion side effects to consider?”

All of our advertising and communications are truthful and honest and accurately describe the services we offer.

All of our professional staff patient care team members receive proper training to uphold these standards.

CAPS Pregnancy + Medical Clinics’ Privacy Policies


No matter what choice you make, CAPS will be there for you before, during, and after your pregnancy.

CAPS is different than some other medical clinics since we receive no financial profit from your pregnancy because we do not perform or refer for abortions or arrange adoptions. We do refer to other organizations for adoptions if you are interested in that option. We will help you examine the full range of options (abortion, parenting, adoption) including the variables for each option, so you can make the best choice for your situation.

All pregnancy services are FREE, including FREE pregnancy test, FREE ultrasound, and FREE pregnancy and abortion education.

  • FREE pregnancy testing – a lab grade, nurse verified test to confirm if you are actually pregnant.
  • FREE pregnancy ultrasound – to determine how far along you are, location of the pregnancy in the uterus, whether there is a presence or absence of a fetal heartbeat, and assess what options you may have.
  • FREE abortion education – to answer your questions and provide information so you can make an informed choice.
  • FREE pregnancy ‘Decision Aid’ options worksheet – to help you think through your own preferences and help you define the information you need to make a decision.

Other Services – We also provide low to no cost STI / STD testing.

All our services to you are private – your privacy is important to us.

To get help, contact us at any of the San Diego area clinic locations, call us at 619-337-8080, or schedule an appointment.