High Quality Pregnancy + Medical Clinic – What you get from CAPS

Pregnant? What’s Next? You are here for a reason. You may have discovered you are pregnant. Or you may be wondering if you are pregnant. And now you may feel like you need help – you need to get some questions answered. You may be feeling very emotional and [...]

Abortion – Myths & Facts

RU Pregnant? – Considering Abortion? You may already feel surprise, anxiety, and/or many other emotions about this situation. Now is the time you need to have confidence that you are getting accurate pregnancy options and abortion facts. This article will help you dismiss the myths and misinformation that you [...]

The Abortion Pill – What Some Abortion Clinics May Not Tell You

Pregnant?! What?! If you are surprised, you also may be confused, and scared. Many other thoughts and emotions may be running through your head. You may be starting to think about abortion as an option. Here are some facts that may help you feel more in control, and you can [...]

UN-Pregnancy Decision Aid – What to know before you decide

Un-Pregnancy UN-Pregnancy – an Unplanned, Unexpected, Unanticipated, Unintended, or Unwanted Pregnancy Is this you? When facing an UN-pregnancy, deciding what to do can be hard. This may be one of the biggest decisions of your life so far. You may be feeling emotional, confused, and even overwhelmed, so feeling clear [...]

The Abortion Pill – Facts About Telehealth

Pregnant? – First Steps You are reading this probably because you want to know your pregnancy options, but mostly about the Abortion Pill and the telehealth online procedure. Wow! Pregnant?! You may be in shock, or at least surprised by a possible pregnancy. You may have taken a home pregnancy [...]

I’m Pregnant in College—It is Difficult (Resources for Coping)

Help Is HereThis article will provide you with information about useful support systems, resources, and laws to help pregnant students and students with children.Being overwhelmed can be managed by getting accurate information, useful practical resources, predictable financial support, and close emotional support.Your Story & Your PeersIt’s real, being pregnant in [...]

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