Your Situation

You’re a student in college in the thick of school work. Your period is supposed to start but it hasn’t and you’re exhausted. It’s clear that you’re stressed and you know that stress can mess with your cycle but you’re usually on time.

Everything seems like a blur. Between college tests, assignments, and your social life there hardly seems like there’s any room left in your schedule.

Ughhh…my stomach. Cramping is normal, but nausea isn’t something that you usually experience, and your breasts are feeling abnormally sore. Your mind begins to diverge in different directions.

Your Questions and Next Steps

Am I pregnant? The thought of a college pregnancy heightens your emotions. You begin to recall your past month, possibly the party you went to or the time you spent with your boyfriend. We used protection – maybe I’m just stressed. You feel relieved by the thought but something inside of you doesn’t feel settled.

As much as I don’t want to know – I think I need to take a pregnancy test.

What-if scenarios can lead you down a spiral that only perpetuates stress. Going to college is a big life change, and you’re already trying to navigate the transition of it all. Taking a pregnancy test is brave, and is the best place to start. It may be scary, but getting a pregnancy test will help you determine what to do next.

Prior to getting pregnancy tested ask yourself – has it been at least three weeks since I should have started my period? If you don’t know the answer to this question you can simplify by ensuring it’s been one to two weeks since you last had sex.

Why is this important?

Your body needs a specific time period to develop HCG, the pregnancy hormone created by your placenta that can be found in your urine. Many pregnancy tests are urine based, so if you take a test any earlier you may not get correct results. The last thing you need is added stress & a guessing game.

Reach Out to Find Out

At CAPS Pregnancy Clinics we offer Free pregnancy tests. A trained medical professional will perform the test, which is urine-based and is 97 – 99% accurate. The pregnancy test we use at CAPS is so sensitive, that it may pick up a positive result in as early as 7-10 days post implantation (21-24 days after the first day of your last period) depending on when implantation occurs and your HCG levels. The pregnancy testing process is fast, and you will be in and out in about one to one and a half hours with your results.

We understand that this is a lot to wrap your head around. At CAPS our supportive and knowledgeable team is available to explain signs of pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms so you understand what is happening, and if you wish, help walk you through the decision process of what to do next, including explaining various options like the abortion pill you may have heard about, and other questions you may have. Your privacy is our priority.

To get help, contact us at any of the San Diego area clinic locations, call us at 619-337-8080, or schedule an appointment.

No matter what choice you make, CAPS will be there for you before, during, and after your pregnancy.

CAPS is different than some other medical clinics since we receive no financial profit from your pregnancy because we do not perform or refer for abortions or arrange adoptions. We do refer to other organizations for adoptions if you are interested in that option. We will help you examine the full range of options (abortion, parenting, adoption) including the variables for each option, so you can make the best choice for your situation.

All pregnancy services are FREE, including FREE pregnancy test, FREE ultrasound, and FREE pregnancy and abortion education.

Other Services – We also provide low to no cost STI / STD testing.

All our services to you are private – your privacy is important to us.