5 Ways You Can Help If Your Best Friend or Girlfriend is Pregnant

When a woman discovers she’s pregnant, many emotions, questions, and thoughts can run through her mind. She may feel shock, disbelief, despair, anger, confusion, or excitement; and she might feel many of those emotions all at once. She now faces challenges like: Internal and external pressures Emotional turmoil Making the decision of how to move [...]

10 Crucial Things to Discuss With Your Partner Before You Decide on Abortion

So many things can run through your head the moment you find out you’re pregnant. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, anxiety, questions, and fear can add stress to your decision and have you looking for the easiest and quickest way out. That may be why abortion seems like a favorable option. Facing an unplanned [...]

4 Things to Do Immediately If You’ve Had Unprotected Sex and Might Be Pregnant

After you have unprotected sex, so many questions may begin to race through your mind: Did I get an STI? Can I be pregnant? Now that I’ve had sex with him, will he leave me? Most importantly, What do I do now? CAPS Pregnancy Clinics are a safe place for women and couples to visit [...]

5 Reasons You Should Get a Nurse-Verified Pregnancy Test Before Making Any Decisions

One of the most common reasons women come to CAPS Pregnancy Clinics is to receive a free, nurse-verified pregnancy test. A visit to our clinic can help alleviate any stress or uncertainty you may have over an at-home test, and give you peace of mind about your options. If you believe you’re pregnant, here are [...]

What You Can Expect When You Visit CAPS for a Pregnancy Test

When a woman believes she is pregnant, it’s important for her to know for sure. Even after taking an at-home pregnancy test, she might want a second opinion or another test just to be certain. You can visit a CAPS Pregnancy Clinic for a free pregnancy test where a nurse will read your test with [...]