Dealing with Unexpected Change

If we rewind back to the beginning of March 2020 everything seemed “normal.” With a shopping list in hand, going to the grocery store was easy. Toilet paper was stocked, college was in session, crowds were common, and we didn’t have to stop ourselves when going in for a hug. A lot can change in [...]

Latest Updates – Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Pregnancy

If you are concerned or stressed about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and are unsure about the signs of pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms, in the midst of this crisis – CAPS Pregnancy Clinics in San Diego are here to help. First things first - have a nurse verify that you are pregnant and get a free ultrasound [...]

5 Ways You Can Help If Your Best Friend or Girlfriend is Pregnant

When a woman discovers she’s pregnant, many emotions, questions, and thoughts can run through her mind. She may feel shock, disbelief, despair, anger, confusion, or excitement; and she might feel many of those emotions all at once. She now faces challenges like: Internal and external pressures Emotional turmoil Making the decision of how to move [...]

Am I Pregnant? 5 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Those moments when a woman believes she might be pregnant can be full of anxiety, excitement and/or stress. And if she faces an unplanned pregnancy, those emotions are amplified. If a woman thinks she may be pregnant, we always recommend that she take a pregnancy test at home or come into CAPS for a nurse-verified [...]

What You Can Expect When You Visit CAPS for a Pregnancy Test

When a woman believes she is pregnant, it’s important for her to know for sure. Even after taking an at-home pregnancy test, she might want a second opinion or another test just to be certain. You can visit a CAPS Pregnancy Clinic for a free pregnancy test where a nurse will read your test with [...]

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